18th January 2017

Terms & Conditions

Welcome to In The Right Lane Driver Training Nottingham. Thank you for taking the time to read our website. Below are our Terms & Conditions.

Lesson Prices
Although prices will be quoted at the time of booking, they may be increased at any time.
Payments must be made before the start of lessons.

Special Offers
Special offers such as those of Groupon, Wowcher etc. is aimed at complete beginners who have never driven before and entitles 3 lessons to be used to start driving and the 4th lesson to be saved for the day of the driving test.

48 hours notice must be given if you are unable to keep an appointment. If given in less than 48┬áhours, you will still be required to pay the full lesson price (at the instructor’s discretion.)

You may be required to pay for future lessons at the time of booking.

Groupon and Wowcher cancellations will be charged at full rate if not made within 48 hours.

Pick Up And Finish Locations
You should agree where your lessons will start and finish when making any lesson booking.
If you request a different pick up or finishing place to that already agreed your lesson may be shortened to cover any additional travelling time to avoid disrupting other lessons.

Use Of In The Right Lane Driving School Car For A Test
A car will not be available for your test if you have taken less than 5 hours of lessons with your instructor.
Your instructor reserves the right to refuse the use of the car for test if;

  1. Your driving is considered to be below the required standard for the test, or is considered it is not going to reach the required standard in the time available.
  2. If lesson,test or any other fees remain unpaid.

Lesson And Test Cancellations

Bookings are only accepted on the express understanding that your instructor and/or In The Right Lane Driving School will not be liable for any costs or expenses
incurred following refusal or inability to provide a car for any lesson or test.

All money transactions are solely between the instructor and pupil. It is not ‘In The Right Lane Driver Training’s responsibility to resolve any money disputes between the instructor and pupil.